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from datetime import datetime
from enum import IntEnum
from typing import Any, Dict, List, Optional, Union

from ...client.enums import Locale
from ...utils.attrs_utils import (
from .flags import AppFlags
from .misc import IDMixin, Snowflake
from .user import User

__all__ = (

[docs]@define() class TeamMember(ClientSerializerMixin): """ A class object representing the member of a team. .. note:: The membership state is either a 1 for invited, or 2 for accepted. At the moment, permissions will always be ["*"]. :ivar int membership_state: The user's membership state on the team :ivar List[str] permissions: Team Member permissions :ivar Snowflake team_id: ID of the team that they're a member of. :ivar User user: The user object. """ membership_state: int = field() permissions: List[str] = field() team_id: Snowflake = field(converter=Snowflake) user: User = field(converter=User, add_client=True)
[docs]@define() class Team(ClientSerializerMixin, IDMixin): """ A class object representing a team. :ivar Optional[str] icon: The hash of the team's icon :ivar Snowflake id: The team's unique ID :ivar List[TeamMember] members: The members of the team :ivar str name: The team name :ivar Snowflake owner_user_id: The User ID of the current team owner """ icon: Optional[str] = field(default=None) id: Snowflake = field(converter=Snowflake) members: List[TeamMember] = field(converter=convert_list(TeamMember), add_client=True) name: str = field() owner_user_id: int = field()
[docs]@define() class Application(ClientSerializerMixin, IDMixin): """ A class object representing an application. .. note:: ``type`` and ``hook`` are currently undocumented in the API. :ivar Snowflake id: Application ID :ivar str name: Application Name :ivar Optional[str] icon: Icon hash of the application :ivar str description: Application Description :ivar Optional[List[str]] rpc_origins: An array of rpc origin urls, if RPC is used. :ivar bool bot_public: A status denoting if anyone can invite the bot to guilds :ivar bool bot_require_code_grant: A status denoting whether full Oauth2 is required for the app's bot to join a guild :ivar Optional[str] terms_of_service_url: URL of the app's Terms of Service :ivar Optional[str] privacy_policy_url: URL of the app's Privacy Policy :ivar Optional[User] owner: User object of the owner :ivar str summary: Summary of the store page, if this application is a game sold on Discord :ivar str verify_key: Hex encoded key for verification in interactions and/or the GameSDK's GetTicket :ivar Optional[Team] team: A list of team members, if this app belongs to a team. :ivar Optional[Snowflake] guild_id: Guild ID linked, if this app is a game sold on Discord :ivar Optional[int] primary_sku_id: Game SKU ID, if this app is a game sold on Discord :ivar Optional[str] slug: URL slug that links to the store page, if this app is a game sold on Discord :ivar Optional[str] cover_image: The app's default rich presence invite cover image :ivar Optional[AppFlags] flags: The application's public flags :ivar Optional[str] role_connections_verification_url: The application's role connection verification URL, if given. """ id: Snowflake = field(converter=Snowflake) name: str = field() icon: Optional[str] = field(default=None, repr=False) description: str = field() rpc_origins: Optional[List[str]] = field(default=None) bot_public: bool = field() bot_require_code_grant: bool = field() terms_of_service_url: Optional[str] = field(default=None) privacy_policy_url: Optional[str] = field(default=None) owner: Optional[User] = field(converter=User, default=None, add_client=True) summary: str = field() verify_key: str = field() team: Optional[Team] = field(converter=Team, default=None, add_client=True) guild_id: Optional[Snowflake] = field(converter=Snowflake, default=None) primary_sku_id: Optional[Snowflake] = field(converter=Snowflake, default=None) slug: Optional[str] = field(default=None) cover_image: Optional[str] = field(default=None, repr=False) flags: Optional[AppFlags] = field(converter=AppFlags, default=None) type: Optional[Any] = field(default=None) hook: Optional[Any] = field(default=None) role_connections_verification_url: Optional[str] = field(default=None, repr=False) @property def icon_url(self) -> Optional[str]: """ .. versionadded:: 4.2.0 Returns the URL of the application's icon :return: URL of the application's icon. :rtype: str (None will be returned if none of any icon is set) """ url = "" if self.icon: url += f"app-icons/{int(}/{self.icon}.png" else: url = None return url @property def created_at(self) -> datetime: """ .. versionadded:: 4.4.0 Returns when the application was created. """ return
[docs]class ApplicationRoleConnectionMetadataType(IntEnum): """ .. versionadded:: 4.4.0 An enumerable object representing the app role connection metadata types """ INTEGER_LESS_THAN_OR_EQUAL = 1 INTEGER_GREATER_THAN_OR_EQUAL = 2 INTEGER_EQUAL = 3 INTEGER_NOT_EQUAL = 4 DATETIME_LESS_THAN_OR_EQUAL = 5 DATETIME_GREATER_THAN_OR_EQUAL = 6 BOOLEAN_EQUAL = 7 BOOLEAN_NOT_EQUAL = 8
[docs]@define() class ApplicationRoleConnectionMetadata(DictSerializerMixin): """ .. versionadded:: 4.4.0 A class object representing role connection metadata for the application/bot/client. """ type: ApplicationRoleConnectionMetadataType = field( converter=ApplicationRoleConnectionMetadataType ) key: str = field() name: str = field() name_localizations: Optional[Dict[Union[str, Locale], str]] = field(default=None) description: str = field() description_localizations: Optional[Dict[Union[str, Locale], str]] = field(default=None)